Frequently asked

1. What is the booking procedure and how do I make a payment?

First, choose the villa or apartment you like, and then send us the inquiry form to find out if the villa is free in your requested period.

After you have received our response about the availability of the desired villa or apartment, we invite you to confirm your request and then we issue the invoice and send it to you via e-mail.

30% of the invoice is due in two days. The deposit payment can be done per bank transfer (free of charge for the payments from EU) or PayPal (3% fee applies), credit card. 

Than you receive the confirmation document via e-mail, which confirms your reservation and your deposit payment. The remaining 70% of the invoice should be settled 30 days before the arrival, for which we send reminder in due time.

After payment of the final part we will issue a Voucher (certificate of full payment and reservations) with detailed instructions on how to arrive to the villa or apartment, per e-mail.

2. We are landing at Split Airport. What is the best way to reach Korcula Island and Lumbarda?

To reach Korcula town on the Korcula Island from Split you have two possibilities:

a) Take the ferry to Vela Luka (Korcula) at 10.15 or 17.30 and you arrive 2,5 hours later to the town Vela Luka. From there you have one more hour of drive to reach Lumbarda or Korcula town (45 km). The ferry drive takes about 2,5 hours and costs 10 € for the passangers and 90 € for the car.

b) If you arrive without the car, you can board the passengers-only Catamaran, that departs from Split and arrives either to Vela Luka or Korcula town directly. The drive takes around 2,5 hours and costs ca. 10 €. From Korcula town you need another 10 minutes to reach Lumbarda with local bus or taxi ( 6 km only). We can also organize you taxi from Korcula town to Lumbarda. It costs 13 € and you pay in cash to the driver.

As for the car ferry, it is recomendable to be there 1 hour before departure. Ferry departs 2 times each day, at 10.15 and at 17.30 in high season (1.6. - 30.9. each year). It is also very recomendable to book ferry ticket in advance. To secure your spot on the ferry.

If you arrive sooner, park your car in the line for the Ferry to Korcula (you are going to see signs guiding you to the right peer), and then leave the car there (you don't need to pay anything for the car there).

Buy a ticket to Korcula (if you havent done that online), and then take a stroll in the old town of Split (5 minutes on foot), and drink a coffee on a beautiful Split promenade by the sea with palms!

Half an hour before departure you will start to board the ferry. You park the car on the deck and go upstairs where the outdoor terrace or indoor cabin is. Inside is air-conditioned coffee bar, so you can enjoy the ride of 2,5 hours already on the ferry. There is plenty of space for the children to run around, play and relax.

You can also walk around the terraces and admire the Adriatic sea and start getting the brown color on the ferry already. If you are lucky, you might even see the dolphins!

You have access to your car the whole time so if you need anything from your car, you can go down and take it. It is a big ferry so you don't need to worry if there will be enough space for all cars, There is always enough space on this ferry from Split to Vela Luka.

When you arrive in Vela Luka, turn right from the port and follow the signs for Korcula. The rest is written in the guidelines, that we attach you with your travel Voucher.

3. We are landing at Split Airport. What is the best way to reach Brac Island and Bol town?

From the Split airport you can take a taxi to Split harbour (approx. 20 €)  or a public bus (5 € per person) which operates every 30 minutes, and from there you have 3 options:

1. with a private Taxi Boat directly to Bol. It is a very fast and comfortable option (cost aprox. 400 € one way for the whole family) 

2. With a ferry to Supetar (a town on the Brac island, ca. 10 € per person) and from there with another taxi to the town of Bol (approx. 65 €)

3. with a Catamaran from Split harbour to Bol town (only for passangers)

If you travel without the car to Bol, than catamaran is the most cost/efforts – effective way, but the fancy way is of course a private water taxi with boat. 

If you tend to take a rent-a-car in Split, which many do, a ferry could not be skipped ϑ(but it only takes 50 minutes and it drives almost every hour until midnight, so it is also not a problem).

You can inform us with the option that suite you and we can organise it for you or provide you with more details about it.

4. We are landing in Dubrovnik. How can we get to our holiday home in Viganj?

Viganj sits on the azure clear Adriatic sea on Peljesac peninsula, 120 km north of Dubrovnik, facing the medieval little town of Korcula (absolutely charming!). The nearest Airport is Dubrovnik, about 1,5 hour drive from Viganj. You can hire a car at one of the Airport`s rentals (we suggest you try this one  since our customers had good experience with them). The other option is to take a taxi van for 60 € per person from the airport to Viganj. In Viganj everything is in a walking distance from your holiday home: market, surf/kite spot, taxi boat to Korcula, good restaurants, etc.). 

5. Everything you wanted to know about Viganj

Now let me tell you something more about our properties in Viganj and its surroundings: 

- Villa Nelly and Viganj apartments are beach front properties, just 10 m from the sea. You just need to cross the little local road to reach the beautiful pebble beach and refresh yourself in a turquoise clear water – or start surfing directly at the doorsteps of the house!

- Just a short walk away (5 minutes) is a main beach named Punta, from where you can launch your kite, enjoy the beach, drink a cocktail at the beach bar or just listen to a relaxing chill-out music.

- There are other little beaches all along the waterfront, so you won’t see crowded beaches in Viganj. 

- The centre of Viganj village is a 3 min. walk, and only 50 m away you can find ATM and a little supermarket.

- Orebic town, where the doctors are is a 15 min. drive. Korcula Island is a 15 min. ferry ride from Viganj. Korcula Island has a charming medieval Venetian town, also named »little Dubrovnik« because of the resemblance of the Dubrovnik town, one of the most beautiful     

  medieval towns in Europe – Croatia. It is a must see once in Viganj!

- Loviste village in a beautiful quiet bay is a 15 min drive over Mount Iliya from Viganj and there you can find one of the finest local restaurants »Barca« (sorry guys, the owner is not a Barca fan, the resemblance is only a coincidence, famous for its delicious sea specialties  

  and home grown eco-vegetables!

- There are many vineyards along the Peljesac Peninsula and the area also offers sailing, mountain walking, climbing to the Mountain St. Iliya, biking, kite-surfing, windsurfing and fishing. The protected waters (a pretty wide channel between Peninsula and Korcula island) are 

  very popular for sailing.

- You can hike (3-4 h walk) to the top of Mount Saint Iliya (961m) that provides wonderful views across the Peninsula and Korcula Island – but do take your trekking shoes with you!

Viganj sits on the azure clear Adriatic sea, 120 km north of Dubrovnik, facing the medieval little town of Korcula. Famous for its windsurfing and kite surfing scene as well as for its vineyards with tasting tours Viganj is an excellent choice if you wish to explore south Croatia.

6. Should I change money in advance or on spot? Do they take Euros? Credit Cards?

Regarding the currency in Croatia – there are many cash machines in Croatia (also on the Islands) so it is easy to withdraw local currency from your bank account.

Ask your bank about the commission for the withdrawal in Croatia. Croatia is now in the European Union, so the charges are usually between 0 – 2 €, depending from your bank. However in year 2023 Croatia will change currency in EUR.

Credit cards are widely accepted, just like in all in other Western European countries.

I usually take 200 EUR in cash with me, pay the toll and the ferries with a credit card, and when I get there I withdraw an equivalent of 100 EUR in Croatian currency from the cash machine (if you withdraw from your bank account, you always go for Kuna). In this way I always have some local currency for the market, bakery and coffee. 

Everywhere else I pay with cards (shops, post, restaurants, ferries, toll).

When I run out of local currency, I go to the cash machine again. The fee that my bank charges for the withdrawal in Croatia is almost the same as commission in the exchange office, so I don’t bother with it; I prefer the privacy of the cash machine J)

The rate of exchange is ca:

1 EUR = 7,6  Kuna

1 GBP = 9,7  Kuna

1 USD = 6  Kuna

It hasn’t changed much in the last 3-4 years. 

7. ATM'S in Croatia

When withdrawing the money from the ATM in Croatia, some ATM will ask you if you want local Bank exchange rate for your withdrawal in euro, or you want your home bank's rate in Kunas. In this case choose the Kuna's amount. Always decide for the latter, because your home bank will do the exchange, and not the Croatian Bank. Your bank has lower commision rate.

Decide for the 1000 Kuna, not the 142 € (that is this local Bank proposition of the rate of exchange and it is far worse than your home bank exchange rates)!. 

In my specific case my home bank charged my account 128 € for this transaction (1000 kuna), and local bank wanted to charge me 142 €. 

8. Can I book the ferry in advance?

Yes! The ferry can be booked in advance. But please note that some of the ferry drives save you a spot when booking online ticket (like Split- Vela Luka ferry), but some don't do that. So you can book the ticket and is then valid for any voyage on this day. Therefore read the instructions carefully when booking the ticket.

9. Private water taxi service  Split – Bol 

As for the water taxi service, we cooperate with a partner company and can organize it for you.

Water taxi is a speed boat that starts in Bol and takes you to Split harbor. From there on they take you with a (land :) ) taxi to the airport. It is a very fast and comfortable option, but since it is a private taxi service, it costs 400 €.

As for the taxi service in Bol town, Mr. Gianni is a person who we call whenever we need one. His number is +385 95 9089 269, but of course you can just tell us when you need it an we will organize it for you (or your Host, Mrs. Ivona).

10. Are Linens and towels included or should we bring it with us?

Beddings, linens, towels and final cleaning are always included in our price. You will never have to pay for any of this when booking at Adriatic pearls. 

11. What if we need to cancel our vacation?

The 30% deposit is by our General Terms and Conditions a non-refundable one.

But if the cancelation is unvoidable and you would have to cancel/postpone your travel, we will try to find another customer for your period and if successful, we will reimburse your deposit payment or postpone your travel to another available date.

We are doing this as a help to our clients, and although we don't guarantee it, we do try our best to help you out. There is also a possibility that you transfer this travel to another family member or a friend, so you can see we try to find the solution.

12. Should I hop from Island to Island with my suitcases or use one Island as a base to discover others?

If you ask me I would have to say that normally I wouldn’t agree with staying at the same location for 10 days, but when it comes to Korcula I just have to. I will try to explain myself.

First of all, Korcula is absolutely charming little town, which is, because of the city walls, also called mini Dubrovnik (only without the crowds). Korcula has a lot of beautiful little villages and bays where water is so clear that swimming there is just pure joy!

It is also a great starting point for discovering Croatia and its beautiful places. The most romantic Dalmatian town Dubrovnik is just a good 2 hours catamaran drive away.

There is also Peljesac peninsula (15 min with the ferry that drives every hour) which is known for its great vines, oysters and beautiful panoramic road. Viganj town, located on Peljesac peninsula, (just half an hour away from Korcula) is one of the most famous Croatian hotspot for kiting and surfing.

Island of Hvar is reachable only with 1 hour drive with the catamaran. So with Korcula you are in the middle of the most beautiful places around so it makes sense to use it as a base and then hop around (it is much more comfortable and more relaxing than having to move with your suitcases every 2-3 days).

So in case you feel like trying out new sports, this is a perfect place for this. I will also give you my personal tips in which winery to stop to taste some wine, where to have a delicious lunch, where hidden bays and beaches are, which little island should you visit with boat and how to enjoy your holidays (and the island) to its fullest .

What to expect from our passionate service?